He Wants To Break Up With His Girlfriend Because She Got A New Job And Has No Time For Him Anymore

gstockstudio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last year, this 21-year-old man has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, who is also 21. When they first started dating, they went out on proper dates together.

But not long ago, they’d gotten into a routine of spending time at one another’s apartments just to hang out. They live a half-hour drive away from each other.

During their time apart, they’d text constantly and talk on the phone, and he enjoyed being in constant communication with his girlfriend.

A few weeks ago, she started a new full-time 9-5 office job. He was so happy for her, but since getting this new job, his girlfriend has barely talked to him.

“She’s too tired to call. Every time I ask her how work went, she usually replies with, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘Fine, but tired, so going to bed,'” he said.

Two weeks into his girlfriend’s new job, he asked if she wanted to get together for coffee that weekend.

She told him that she would be busy hanging out with her best friend, who happened to be the person who helped her get this new job. She suggested the following weekend instead, and he agreed.

However, when that weekend arrived, his girlfriend canceled their plans so that she and her sister could go shopping.

“Then, she had to take her mother shopping, and it sounded suspiciously like she was just trying to avoid me and wanted to call it quits. I thought I’d save her the bother and asked her if she just wanted to break up,” he explained.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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