He Was Cleaning Out His Apartment And Discovered That His Girlfriend Had Taken Creepy “Stalker Photos” Of Him Before They Even Met

“I popped it in my computer to see if it was empty. It had pictures of me. Pictures from before we met. I’m talking, like, taken stealthily from afar. Stalker photos,” he said.

Understandably, this horrified him. Rather than prioritize his girlfriend’s privacy, he went forward with looking at the photos on some of her other SD cards, and what he found was alarming.

“They also had photos of me on them. Photos of me asleep, photos where she had gone out of her way to do things like pull back the covers and lift my t-shirt up,” he explained.

“To make it look more suggestive. I don’t think I slept the way she photographed me, so knowing that she manipulated the details in my sleep.”

“It unsettled me. She even managed to take a photo of me while I was showering. I guess I didn’t hear the shutter over the sound of the water.”

Plus, his girlfriend had also filmed videos of him in which she closely zoomed in on his eyes, hands, and face, all while he was sleeping.

Among the photos were some that he’d known she was taking when he was awake. Some of these photos were taken at either her apartment or his before she moved in with him.

These aren’t the photos that upset him, but the ones that were taken without his knowledge or consent are the ones that terrify him. Obviously, while he was sleeping, he was unable to give consent to these photos and videos being taken.

While he doesn’t normally like having his picture taken, he wouldn’t have minded if his girlfriend had asked to take more photos or videos of him.

Instead of telling his girlfriend about his discovery immediately, he wanted her to make the choice to come clean.

He told her that he had been rearranging the den and had been going through the SD cards, but she didn’t confess to anything.

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