He Went On A Date With A Woman Who Turned Out To Be A Catfish, Yet Claimed That He Was Shorter Than She’d Expected

Photo 54560932 © Kiosea39 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A TikTok user named Chris (@storytimewithchris) is detailing what happened on the second worst date he’s ever been on. The girl he went out with turned out to be a catfish, but she behaved rudely during the entirety of their date because she thought he was the one who had deceived her.

So, he met this girl on a dating app. While they were messaging back and forth, he gathered that she seemed smart and attractive. They set up a date for the movies. He suggested that they go somewhere else where they could actually talk, but she didn’t like the vibes of the place he had mentioned.

On the day of the date, Chris didn’t really feel up for it, but he had already committed to the plans, so he wanted to follow through with them. They met up at the front of the movie theater, but as he walked toward her, he realized that she didn’t look like the picture on her dating profile. The picture appeared to be about three or four years old.

She wasn’t the type of girl he would normally go for, but he decided to stay because he thought they could still have a good time. When he introduced himself, she gave him an awkward side hug. Then, they went inside to grab their tickets and find their seats.

After they sat down, she seemed put off by Chris since she leaned away from him in her seat and didn’t make an effort to talk to him. The movie theater was the kind where you could order food from your seat. When they were ordering their meals, the server asked if they wanted to put everything on Chris’s tab.

Before Chris could say a word, his date immediately jumped in, telling the server that he would be paying for everything. Chris had already planned to pay for everything, but her attitude reeked of entitlement, which really turned him off. He tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the situation only grew worse after that.

During the movie, they simply sat and ate their food, not even acknowledging each other. Chris was more than ready for the date to be over. When the movie ended, his date was one of the first people to get up and go. But since he was sitting closer to the aisle, she had to scoot past him to reach the exit.

Once they were outside, he offered to walk her to her car. When they reached her car, he thanked her for going out with him. She proceeded to tell him that he was shorter than she had expected him to be, which was shocking coming from her since she looked nothing like her profile picture.

Chris’s dating profile stated that he was five feet and eleven inches tall. He pointed out that he could’ve rounded up and said that he stood at six feet. Meanwhile, this girl was no more than five feet and three inches.

Photo 54560932 © Kiosea39 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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