He Went On Two Amazing Dates With A Woman Who Told Him They’re Not Going To Work Out, So He Feels Used

CandyRetriever - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Dating is difficult; that’s no secret, but when you think things are going wonderfully with a person and then they indicate otherwise, it can be confusing.

Back in April, this 30-year-old man exited an 8-year-long relationship, and he was heartbroken but eager to move on.

He’s still not completely healed from the damage his ex-girlfriend did to him, but he has firmly left her in the past.

Recently, he’s gotten back into dating, and of the handful of dates he’s been on, none of the women showed any interest in him.

So, after two dates, he would cut things off with all of them. But then, he met one woman on a dating app who was stunning and completely his kind of woman.

He spent a couple of days speaking to her on the app, and then she gave him her phone number. They texted back and forth for a week before planning a dinner date for Thursday.

Their first date was incredible. He learned that they have the same dark, strange sense of humor and that they align on some pretty heavy topics.

“She is a behavioral therapist who specializes in trauma and substance abuse, BPD, and utilizes EMDR,” he explained.

“Coincidentally, my ex was an alcoholic (a big reason we grew apart), had BPD, and I’ve been using EMDR therapy in my own trauma treatment. What are the…chances? We exchanged pictures of our Halloween costumes, and she complimented my arms— I then told her I had been making a lot of progress on a cut in the gym, and she asked for a picture for “research purposes,” and I sent her one.”

CandyRetriever – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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