Her Boyfriend Dumped Her On Christmas After Saying He’s Falling Out Of Love With Her

Syda Productions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last four years, this 24-year-old girl and her 26-year-old boyfriend have been together after originally meeting at a house party back in college. They knew one another for a year before they decided to start dating.

Her boyfriend used to be a wonderful guy, according to her. He would spoil her nonstop, always paid for everything, and had an itinerary for every activity he planned for them.

“I know I have been lacking and don’t put so much effort [in] as him, but he knew I have trouble expressing my feelings,” she explained.

When 2023 started, her boyfriend mentioned that he would really like to get married to her. She simply laughed and said she doesn’t want to get married.

She believes she’s too young, and she wants to be able to enjoy the freedom she has right now, so that’s why she had no interest in talking more about that kind of commitment.

Then, her boyfriend brought up having a family and moving to a smaller kind of city where he can have more opportunities.

She continuously turned down all of her boyfriend’s dreams, as she has been struggling to figure out what she wants in her own life. To be honest, she is neither proud nor happy about where she is, and that’s that.

Her boyfriend ended up going away on a trip, and when he arrived home, things were definitely different between them.

He stopped putting in the effort he had always shown her, and she had to be the one to ask him to go on dates.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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