Her Boyfriend Found Out That She Only Started Dating Him To Get Revenge

Since then, her boyfriend has made it clear to her that he no longer trusts her in the least. It’s certainly hurtful to learn that your partner only began dating you in an effort to get revenge.

While her boyfriend has told her how he feels to learn such crushing news, he hasn’t dumped her over it.

“He did say he needs to think about it because he fell in love with me,” she said. “I wish I could fix this and get his trust back, I know it sounds like a movie where the main character wants revenge on someone and then finds out they’re a great person, but it’s too late because they already did what they did.”

“He truly is a great person, and I do see a future with him if we get through this. This is really hard to talk about, I know it sounds very petty, but now I just feel bad because I know I hurt him and don’t know what to do to make things better.”

What advice do you have for her, and do you think there’s anything she could do or say to make her boyfriend feel better?

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