Her Boyfriend Never Bought Her Red Roses, But She Found Out He Bought Them For His Mistress

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For six years, this 28-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is the same age as her. Unfortunately, throughout the last several months, her boyfriend has been spending more of his time at work than normal and acting pretty closed off.

Since his job is still relatively new to him, she figured his behavior had to be due to stress at work.

But then, she started to doubt everything when she noticed her boyfriend started following a drop-dead gorgeous woman on social media who then followed him back.

Curiosity got the best of her, and she asked her boyfriend about this mystery woman. He expressed that this woman was an old friend of his from back when he was in school.

His explanation made no sense to her, since this woman put in her bio that she was 24, which means her boyfriend never would have gone to school with her because of their age gap.

She didn’t buy what her boyfriend was saying, and her gut instinct told her things were not right. She began essentially stalking the mystery woman on social media to see if she could find any clues as to what the truth was.

She saw on Facebook that this woman listed herself as single, and she routinely shared photos of women grasping enormous bouquets of red roses.

This mystery woman also would frequently comment about how she thought every single girl was deserving of roses and that she adores being given flowers.

Her terrible feelings about the mystery woman persisted, and she checked her social media updates on a daily basis.

SOLOTU – – illustrative purposes only

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