Her Boyfriend Revealed He Can’t Marry Her Because Of Her Unhealthy Way Of Living

Volodymyr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In July, this 28-year-old woman met her 28-year-old boyfriend on a website geared towards people interested in eventually getting married.

While that might sound like a rather strange website, she says it’s actually quite common in India for people to meet this way.

Ever since meeting her boyfriend, they have both been dedicated to losing some weight, as she is 5’2″ and 190 pounds, while he is 5’10” and 209 pounds.

Her boyfriend has been dropping weight more easily than her, as he has a faster metabolism, and additionally, she has several medical conditions that are impacting her ability to lose weight normally.

For instance, although she has an active sort of lifestyle and is eating in a healthy way, she has only lost 10 pounds in six months.

Now, she was always upfront and honest with her boyfriend about her medical conditions, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and PCOS, and she told him about everything one month into their relationship.

As their relationship wore on, her boyfriend said she really was everything he wanted in a woman but that she would be able to lose weight with more time.

This really bothered her, as she thought it came across like her boyfriend figured she would lose more weight at some point, and she knew it might not happen like that.

“I have dealt with body-image issues my entire life, so I told him again about my medical conditions (I did not want him to operate with false hopes),” she explained.

Volodymyr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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