Her Boyfriend Said She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants Him To Propose

“It’s really painful as well as I’ve opened up to him that my mum’s weight is one of the reasons my parent’s marriage failed. What hurts also is I feel like I’ve spent the past few years as his personal assistant. As much as I’ve done to support him, he doesn’t really consider me a part of him.”

“When he bought his first home, I spent so much money helping to make it into a home, buying dishes, bedding, and so forth, but he’d make passing comments that I act as if it’s my house. I was very much involved in assisting him to attain the house, even with giving him a large sum of money towards his deposit.”

She’s left feeling so confused. She does view her boyfriend as a highlight and benefit to her life, as he pushes her to achieve things she was never motivated to do prior to him being in her life.

However, she’s concerned that no matter what she does, he will never give her an engagement ring.

What advice do you have for her?

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