Her Daughter Said Her Sister-In-Law Smelled Like Fish, And She Refused To Punish Her Daughter For The Rude Remark

Taniya Larina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 25-year-old woman has a daughter, who is 4, and this past Thanksgiving, she was sitting with her daughter and her son when her sister-in-law came over with her husband and kids.

As soon as her sister-in-law walked through the front door, her daughter was asked for a hug, too. So, her daughter walked over, but before the hug could happen, the little girl quickly stopped and made a surprising comment.

“You smell,” her daughter told her sister-in-law.

Now, she immediately told her daughter that the remark was not very nice. She also instructed her daughter to apologize.

Rather than listening, though, her daughter just doubled down– claiming that her sister-in-law really smelled like fish.

This made her sister-in-law super angry, too, and her daughter started getting yelled at for behaving disrespectfully.

“Then my daughter started crying, and I started yelling at my sister-in-law that she had no right to yell at my kids,” she recalled.

She also claimed that her sister-in-law should’ve approached her about the situation before proceeding to reprimand her own daughter.

Regardless, her sister-in-law wouldn’t back down and believed that her daughter deserved to be punished for making the fish comment. Still, she refused to do that.

Taniya Larina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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