Her Daughter Said Her Sister-In-Law Smelled Like Fish, And She Refused To Punish Her Daughter For The Rude Remark

“I told my sister-in-law I would not punish my child for saying what she did. Instead, I would talk to my daughter about her actions,” she recalled.

That still wasn’t good enough for her sister-in-law, though. In fact, her sister-in-law wound up grabbing the kids, leaving Thanksgiving, and accusing her of being a crazy jerk for not punishing her daughter.

“And my side of the family is saying that I’m not in the wrong, but my sister-in-law’s side is saying that I should’ve punished my daughter for her actions,” she vented.

So now, she’s been left wondering if yelling at her sister-in-law and refusing to punish her daughter after the comment was really the wrong thing to do.

Do you think her daughter, who is only 4, really meant to hurt her sister-in-law’s feelings? Do you think her sister-in-law overreacted or not? How would you have handled this situation if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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