Her Fiancé Doesn’t Believe In Telling Their Future Children About Santa, And She Thinks That Will Ruin The Magic Of Christmas

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This 21-year-old girl has a fiancé the same age as her, and they have been together for five years now.

They only recently got engaged, and so, that has inspired them to talk more about their future children.

They’ve chatted about when they should try to start having children and other things regarding kids in general, but given that the holiday season is almost upon us, their conversations have turned to Santa.

“I’ve known for the entirety of our relationship that his parents did not let him believe in Santa Claus,” she explained.

“This was mainly his mother’s decision. She said that she couldn’t imagine lying to her children about anything, including/especially Santa Claus.”

“I grew up believing in Santa Claus and it was one of my favorite things about the holidays, and in my opinion, made the holidays more magical. We only recently decided that we definitely wanted to have children, so this was not something we had considered earlier in our relationship.”

She does understand that some people aren’t exactly fortunate, and so they are not able to purchase expensive or fancy gifts for their children.

That being said, she also gets that every parent has a right to raise their children however they think is best.

However, her fiancé is convinced that it is not ethical to lie to their children about a single thing, including Santa.

Milles Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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