Her Fiancé Lives With His Younger Brother, But She Doesn’t Want To Move In With The Two Of Them

Evrymmnt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Next year, this woman and her fiancé are getting married. Her fiancé and his younger brother own a house together.

In their contract, there’s a stipulation stating, “‘The first to get married has the option to buy the other out.'”

Because her fiancé earns a lot more money than his brother, his brother wouldn’t be able to afford to live in the house alone if her fiancé took advantage of this stipulation and then moved out.

Despite the rest of her fiancé’s family not stating this idea, her fiancé and his brother have said that they want to continue living together for several years after she and her fiancé get married.

If she agreed to this living situation, both she and her son would move into the house with her fiancé and his brother.

“My son is little, and the home isn’t split into two. It’s the same living space (single family). We’ve been dating for a long time, and we are trying to start a family not long after we get married. My issue is that I don’t feel super comfortable doing that while living in the same space as his brother (who I love dearly). I would be walking on eggshells,” she said.

Plus, she doesn’t know how her fiancé’s brother would feel about both her and her son living with him since they would be moving into the house he owns.

In her view, his brother would probably prefer this and is just relieved that her fiancé hasn’t brought up the idea of buying him out.

“My fiancé hasn’t done this because he 1. Doesn’t want to give up his interest in the property and wants to keep it as an investment property; and 2. Feels bad that his brother wouldn’t be able to own property without him (though I am sure his parents would help his brother since his brother is kind of their favorite (they even still pay for his brother’s car),” she explained.

Evrymmnt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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