Her Fiancée Has A Bizarre Vendetta Against Her Brother And Is Always Rude To Him, So She Finally Stood Up For Her Sibling

zea_lenanet - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old woman is currently engaged to her fiancée, who is 25, and their wedding is coming up soon.

However, she’s been dealing with some drama between her fiancée and her family because, apparently, her fiancée hates her brother. Why? Well, her fiancée claims that her brother, who is 30, had been “mean” to her in the past.

“It’s nothing other than regular sibling fights, but because of this, my fiancée feels like he disrespects me. Therefore, she hates him,” she explained.

Her brother, on the other hand, has nothing against her fiancée and actually adores her. She detailed how her brother has always sought out the approval of her fiancée– even though her partner is constantly mean to him.

Plus, when they were planning their wedding, her fiancée even forbade her from inviting her nieces– her brother’s daughters– simply because they’re her brother’s kids!

More recently, this tension all came to a head while they were texting in a family group chat, too.

It all began when her brother sent a message directed to her fiancée in an attempt to show her something that he thought her fiancée would find funny.

Yet, rather than being nice, her fiancée’s response was incredibly rude and dry.

This pushed her to ask why her partner kept treating her brother like that. But her fiancée just reiterated the same old spiel– saying that her brother deserved it for treating her badly.

zea_lenanet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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