Her Fiancé’s Mom Yelled At Her To Stop Spending Her Son’s Money, And Her Own Mom Thinks She Should Call Off Her Engagement For How Her Fiancé Acted - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently engaged to a man named Matt, and Matt grew up with just him and his mom, Tina.

For Thanksgiving, Tina came to stay with them for the first time ever, and things did not go well at all.

“I get that there is some class difference,” she explained. “Tina worked mainly in restaurant and retail jobs to make ends meet. My mom is an engineer, and my dad is a lawyer.”

“Tina stayed on our couch and immediately tried to make me into this thrifty housewife for her son, although I’m currently making more than him as he’s finishing his post-grad internship.”

“It became hostile about things like our hand soap in the bathroom. Kitchen towels and trash bags. We got into a major fight over them. I normally just use the trash bags that originally came with our trash can.”

She honestly never pays that much attention to what things cost. But when she got home from grocery shopping and failed to pick up mashed potatoes and stove-top-style stuffing, Tina got angry with her.

Tina was upset with the grocery store she picked out to get their Thanksgiving dinner at. But then, Tina started screaming at her for shopping the way that she does before insisting she had to spend money more wisely and “not waste her son’s money.”

Now, she makes six figures a year, while Matt is still completing an internship, so she’s the one making all of the money currently.

When Matt is done with his internship, he should at least be earning the same salary as her, if not more, within two years’ time. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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