Her Husband Wants To Give His $10,000 Christmas Bonus To His Struggling Parents, But She Doesn’t Want To And Thinks They’re Financially Irresponsible

Once they got back from vacation, her father-in-law was let go from his job.

Her mother-in-law works three days a week as a receptionist at a doctor’s office, so they are financially struggling.

Normally, she and her husband host Thanksgiving at their house because they have a lot of room for everyone to sleep over without their guests having to worry about booking a stay in a hotel. This has always worked out well for them, and it also alleviates the stress they’d be under if they were going to travel across the country with their three children.

Unfortunately, for Thanksgiving this year, their mother-in-law had used up all of her PTO to take the vacation to the Bahamas, so travel wasn’t possible for her.

This meant that she and her husband had to take a flight to visit them.

“Airfare for the five of us was close to $3,000, plus another $800 for the Airbnb since my in-laws only had room for my sister-in-law, her boyfriend, and college roommate. It was hectic, but we were not too upset over the cost since my husband had just learned he’d be receiving a $10,000 Christmas bonus,” she explained.

The bonus is taxed, so it’ll end up being a bit more than $6,000.

Obviously, her husband was thrilled about this, but he didn’t want to bring it up to his family because he didn’t want to seem rude and act like he was bragging about it while his parents were having a difficult time financially.

But his sister happens to have a friend who works for the same company, so she learned about the holiday bonus and mentioned it during the family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

After dinner, when she and her husband were driving back to their Airbnb, her husband let her know that his mother talked to him in private and asked him if he could think about possibly giving his bonus to them as a “gift,” and she called the bonus an “‘unexpected blessing.'”

Now, her husband feels conflicted about whether or not he should give his parents the bonus he’ll be receiving from work.

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