Her Mom Has A Mild Strawberry Allergy And Is Upset She’s Putting Them On Her Wedding Cake

“My fiancé agrees she’s being selfish…I was telling my dad about this issue, and she walked in and added, “This is my only daughter’s one and only wedding, I want to be able to eat every part of the cake.”

“Haven’t been able to close my mouth since from the pure shock. I mean. It’s MY only wedding. And she sees nothing wrong with saying something so insanely out of pocket?”

Her dad is siding with her mom, which has left her wondering if she is taking the strawberry problem too seriously.

She can skip out on them for one day of her life, but she does not want to do this. On the other hand, the strawberries have created so much drama in her family that she just wants it to go away.

She says her mom always gets anything she wants, and her dad goes along with her mom, but she thought her wedding could be the exception to this family rule.

Do you think she should ditch the strawberries?

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