Her Mom Has Refused To Be In Any Photos For The Last 30 Years And Freaked Out After Getting Captured In Pictures At Her Wedding

Following her big day, her photographers also sent her a link to a digital wedding photo album. At that point, she warned her mom about the fact that she was in some of the pictures. Even so, her mom did not want to look at the album and actually didn’t want her to share the link with anyone else.

“And I tried to show my mom a few shots where she’s in them, but you can’t really see her face to show her how nice she looked, but it made things worse,” she recalled.

So, her husband wound up sending the photo link to his family members anyway– without her mom knowing. She, too, sent the link to her bridesmaids and provided her family with just some “highlight” pictures to satisfy her mom’s wishes.

Unfortunately, that workaround still wasn’t enough for her mom because, apparently, her mom has been sobbing nonstop ever since.

According to her brothers, her mom is devastated even just knowing that pictures of her exist. And now, her mom actually wants her to get the pictures deleted.

“My mom’s been sitting crying all day and has been miserable about this since I told her I’d gotten the photos,” she revealed.

While she doesn’t want her mom’s feelings to be hurt, though, she really doesn’t think her mom’s reaction is warranted.

“I don’t want my mom to be sad, but it feels like she’s being totally unreasonable and honestly dramatic,” she vented.

That’s why she really doesn’t want to delete the pictures of her mom on her big day. However, she’s not sure if refusing to do that would actually just make her a jerk or not.

Have you ever felt super insecure about your photo getting taken? Should she respect her mom’s wishes, or does she have a right to want pictures of her mom from her wedding day? What would you do in this difficult situation?

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