Her Obese Son Was Jealous Of Her Stepdaughter Getting To Eat Junk Food After He Was Put On A Diet, So Now She’s Limiting Everyone’s Junk Food Intake, And Her Daughter Says It’s Unfair

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This 39-year-old woman has a son, who is 14, and her stepdaughter is 13. Her son is larger-bodied, despises exercise, and is addicted to eating junk food.

Sadly, her son has had a difficult childhood, and she’s realized that food is her son’s outlet for coping with his feelings rather than working through his emotions in healthy ways.

She takes accountability for her son’s struggles with his weight, acknowledging that she should have intervened and gotten him help sooner.

Her stepdaughter, on the other hand, loves eating junk food, and chocolate is one of her favorite sweets.

Every day, her stepdaughter eats a chocolate bar as well as a few Oreos, and sometimes, she eats even more junk food than this.

However, since her stepdaughter eats smaller amounts of food the rest of the time, combined with time spent in dance and gymnastics, she is very thin.

“Recently, my son’s doctor advised that he should lose weight. Hearing it so bluntly got me in action, and I decided, against my son’s wishes, that he was going on a diet. I got rid of most of his junk food, put portioning rules on the rest, and limited his soda intake,” she said.

Once she set these changes in place, her son started secretly eating some of his stepsister’s junk food, and she disciplined him whenever she realized he was doing this.

She told her stepdaughter that she could hide her snacks in her bedroom, but she wasn’t allowed to eat in her room.

beats_ – – illustrative purposes only

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