Her Sister Offered To Take Her Oldest Child To Disney World As A Christmas Present, But She Thinks It Would Be Unfair To Her Two Other Kids

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a healthy relationship with her mother, and there was more tension after her mother took her two siblings to Disney without her.

As a child, her mother favored her siblings, and this still happens to this day, but she’s less emotionally affected by it now that she’s an adult.

Now that she’s a parent, she’s noticed that her family favors her oldest child.

She’s not sure if she’s reading too much into it because of what she went through when she was a child, but her partner also picked up on it, and they both aren’t thrilled about the favoritism.

Even though she’s brought it up to her mother and her sister, they haven’t changed their behavior.

She doesn’t want her other children to be excluded, but she doesn’t want her sister to feel like she has to take all three of her children to Disney.

Ideally, she would love to be able to make the trip with her children, but she pointed out that due to the current economic situation, she doesn’t foresee this trip happening anytime in the near future.

She’s aware of how pricey this trip would be, and it would also be incredibly tiring to travel with three children on a vacation like this.

To clarify, she added that she wouldn’t feel comfortable with her sister favoring any of her children.

None of her children are aware of her sister offering her oldest child this Disney trip, and she’s considering rejecting her sister’s offer.

“I guess it’s worth asking if she plans to take the other kids (one at a time) as they get older, but I think it is a bit rude to ask/unfair to expect a commitment on that because who knows what her life/finances will be in the future?” she explained.

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