Her Sister’s Husband Kissed Her, Then Touched Her, But She Hasn’t Said Anything To Her Sister

“He hugged me and told me it’s okay, and we were hugging I was crying, and then he kissed me,” she explained.

“…He started touching [me], but I moved back. He kept saying it’s okay, don’t tell anyone…he kissed me again, and I moved my face because my niece is in the bedroom next to mine, and she could probably hear kissing noises.”

“He left after, and IDK what to do, I just feel disgusted and scared. I feel terrible for my sister.”

Her sister has told her in the past that her husband constantly complains about their personal life, but her sister has lost all attraction to him since he never helps with the kids at all and is gone so much for his job.

She is aware that her sister’s husband gets flirty and close after having a couple of drinks, but what happened in her room is a whole new level of bad behavior that she has never witnessed from him before.

She did inform her boyfriend about what her sister’s husband did, but she doesn’t feel that she can move out or leave.

She has no money, no job, and her sister relies on her to help out with the kids. Adding that to the fact that she feels she owes them for destroying the car; she doesn’t think she has any options.

What advice do you have for her?

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