Her Stepmom Was Her Mom’s Best Friend And Carried Out An Affair With Her Dad, But Now That She’s Terminally Ill, She Doesn’t Want To Help Take Care Of Her

justesfir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s dad passed away seven years ago, and she has not seen her stepmom since his passing.

She does have two half-siblings who are 15 and 16, and she rarely contacts them. She has had complicated pasts with her half-siblings, and she despises her stepmom.

Her stepmom’s brother recently reached out to her to say her stepmom is terminally ill and needs someone to step up to take care of her.

He also mentioned her half-siblings shouldn’t be burdened with the care, and he is in a different state, so he can’t help. Her stepmom has approximately less than a year left to live.

Her stepmom’s brother believes she should step up to the plate and care for her stepmom since she was in her life for years, and if she refuses, it will permanently destroy her relationship with her half-siblings.

Now, her stepmom was best friends with her mom, and before her mom passed away, her stepmom had an affair with her dad.

She actually overheard the fight that occurred when her mom discovered the truth about the affair.

After her mom passed away, her stepmom made a complete scene at her mom’s funeral and insulted her mom’s entire family for trying to tell her she wasn’t welcome there.

“She tried to say as my future stepmother and my mom’s closest friend she would always have a place,” she explained.

justesfir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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