Her Stepmother Asked Him To Donate His Kidney To His Stepbrother, But He’s Refusing Because He Barely Knows The Teen

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Not long ago, this 29-year-old man found himself in such a strange scenario that he didn’t know what to think.

He and his stepmother, 55, have never been close, but they’ve always been polite with one another.

Her son (his stepbrother, 15) is barely an acquaintance to him. He’s only been around his stepbrother a few times.

“My stepmother recently approached me with an outrageous request. She asked me to donate my kidney to her son. Yes, you read that right–my kidney, for a kid I barely know. He lives with his father and has a congenital disease that requires a transplant in the short term,” he said.

His stepmother informed him that his stepbrother has been struggling with these health issues for many years.

Understandably, he was completely shocked by this, and he asked his stepmother what made her think that he would go along with this.

In response, his stepmother claimed that since their families have been joined together, he should be eager to offer up his kidney to his stepbrother.

“To make the situation even more surreal, my stepmother made an odd comment about the longevity and health of my side of the family. According to her, we’ve always lived until a very old age with no kidney problems. She literally said that we have ‘great quality organs,'” he explained.

After this, he attempted to express to his stepmother that he hardly knew his stepbrother, and kidney donation was a huge, life-altering choice to make with huge consequences to consider.

SlavaSelfStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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