He’s Bringing His Daughter On A Christmas Trip Abroad To Meet His Wife’s Parents For The First Time, But His Ex-Wife Also Wants Him To Bring Her Other Daughter, Who Isn’t His Kid, And He’s Not Comfortable With That

“I also feel like they could just plan to celebrate the holidays on whatever day my ex ends up having off instead,” he vented.

That’s why he wound up telling his ex-wife no and refusing to bring her other daughter on the trip. But now, she just keeps accusing him of being cruel.

So, he can’t help but wonder if bringing his daughter but not wanting to bring her half-sister on the Christmas trip is really so unreasonable or not.

Can you understand why he doesn’t feel comfortable going on an international trip with his ex-wife’s kid? Might that also be awkward, given it’s his first time meeting his in-laws? Did he have a right to refuse? What would you have done? 

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