He’s Refusing To Legally Adopt His Stepson Because He Doesn’t Feel A Father-Son Connection Between Them And Views His Stepson As More Of A Nephew

In his wife’s mind, she feels as though he’s creating a divide between his stepson and his daughter. However, he strongly disagrees with that and claims that he’s tried his best to avoid showing any favoritism.

“I’ve suffered from this myself. My parents preferred my younger brother, and I won’t make that mistake with my stepson,” he explained.

In general, he also feels like he’s doing everything he can to be a good stepdad. But, he refuses to “force a feeling” for his stepson that, in his words, just “doesn’t exist.”

That’s why he really does not want to legally adopt his stepson because, first of all, he isn’t interested in taking on that big of a responsibility.

“And I don’t want to call him my son because I don’t want to lie to him or myself,” he vented.

Still, in spite of his personal feelings, he can’t help but wonder if refusing to legally adopt his stepson really does make him a jerk.

If he’s already actively involved in his stepson’s life, what more responsibility would he have to take on by legally adopting his stepson? Regardless, do you think he’s in the wrong for refusing to “force a feeling?” What would you do in this situation?

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