He’s Refusing To Let His Mother Visit His Newborn Son With Her Husband Anymore Because His Mom’s Husband Doesn’t Listen To Rules And Isn’t Sanitary Around His Baby

Petro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This guy and his wife just welcomed their newborn son into the world. So, his mother traveled in from abroad to be there and help support his family.

His mother actually rented a nearby apartment for three months. And even though he helped his mom out by purchasing her plane ticket, she is using her own money to fund her three-month stay.

However, his mom also traveled with her husband.

“Whom I don’t particularly love but tolerate for her sake,” he said.

But while he usually tries to look past issues with his mom’s husband, there have been some recent problems that he simply can’t tolerate anymore.

First of all, he has had to remind his mom’s husband on several occasions to wash his hands before interacting with the baby. He’s also had to remind the guy that he should not kiss his newborn son. Yet, the guy has done that twice already.

He’s even found his mom’s husband sitting on top of the baby’s burp cloths and blankets, which isn’t sanitary.

Plus, when his wife is feeding their son, they’ve had to ask his mom’s husband to leave the room on various occasions because the guy being there makes his wife uncomfortable.

“And while I expect some basic social awareness, my frustration reached its peak when my mom’s husband coughed repeatedly, inches away from our son’s face, without bothering to cover his mouth,” he revealed.

Petro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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