His Dad Cheated On His Mom While She Was Dying, And Is Now Marrying His Affair Partner

Pavlo Melnyk - - illustrative purposes only

It’s always heartbreaking to see families split up because of one parent’s infidelity, and it’s even harder for those involved when that parent stays with the person they were cheating with. 

One man is caught up in some drama with his father after he said he wouldn’t go to his wedding, as his dad is marrying the woman he cheated on his sick mom with.

When he was 17-years-old, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away two years later. During those two years of his mom battling her illness, his dad wasn’t very present and often said he had to go on work trips, so his grandmother and aunt had to take care of his mom.

Five months after his mom passed away, his dad introduced him to his new girlfriend. He thought it was absurd that his dad had moved on from his mom so quickly, but then his dad revealed that he had been seeing this new woman for three years.

“My dad had been cheating on my mom while she was dying,” he explained.

“His business trips were to meet his affair partner. I was so angry I packed my stuff and left his house. I haven’t spoken to him since that day. Currently, I am 25 [and] the only family I speak to is an aunt who helped me when I left my dad’s house.”

A few days ago, his aunt called him and asked if he had heard from his dad. When he asked her why he would’ve heard from him, she explained that his dad was getting married to his affair partner and thought that if he attended their wedding, it might mend their relationship.

He told his aunt he wouldn’t do that because his father was “dead to him.” Then, there was a brief silence on the other line before he heard his dad’s voice in the background, asking if that was how he really felt about him.

He hung up the phone and angrily texted his aunt, telling her not to share any information about him with his dad ever again. She told him he was in the wrong and should be ready to move on from their past by now, so he blocked her.

Pavlo Melnyk – – illustrative purposes only

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