His Ex Cheated On Him Two Months After They Got Engaged Yet Still Wanted Him To Pay Child Support For Her Kid, Who Wasn’t His

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This man’s ex-girlfriend, who is 28-years-old, had a child with a different guy before they started dating. But, when he began a relationship with her, he never viewed that as an issue.

“And when I got serious, she asked to move into my house with the child, and I was happy about that,” he recalled.

Then, throughout their whole relationship, he made sure to treat his ex-girlfriend’s kid as if they were his own. He footed the bill for everything– from health insurance to tutoring, sports, and club fees.

At the same time, his ex received $389 each month in child support from her kid’s biological father.

“And the biological father saw the child maybe once a month,” he added.

Then, two years into their relationship, he and his ex-girlfriend actually had their own baby together, and it felt like they were just one big happy family.

They even began discussing the idea of marriage. The plan was that, once they tied the knot, he would legally adopt his ex’s first child. The child’s biological father was okay with that, too.

So, he finally proposed to his ex-girlfriend, and they were preparing for their big day. But, just two months after he popped the big question, he realized that his ex had been texting another guy and sending steamy photos.

“I was crushed,” he admitted, “And I asked her to move out of my house.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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