His Ex-Wife Cheated While He Was Deployed, So Now He’s Refusing To Pay For Her Storage Unit

Several months ago, his now ex-wife had asked him to pay for a storage unit she needed.

He only agreed to do so because he was concerned that she wouldn’t allow him to see their children.

“She has threatened me with court and by saying she wouldn’t play nice anymore if I don’t pay,” he said.

He doesn’t have anything in the storage unit, but due to non-payment, the storage unit will be auctioned off in the middle of December.

“We fell behind a few months (some of her “adventures” were more important than paying bills),” he explained.

She asked him to make the full payment they owed on the storage unit so that she could get some of her late father’s belongings, but he refused to do so.

Multiple times throughout their marriage, his wife was the source of many of his financial, mental, and emotional struggles.

“I support my children financially with anything they need as much as I’m able,” he shared.

He also sends his ex-wife money for necessities whenever possible.

What advice would you give him?

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