His Girlfriend Has To Shadow A Male Colleague At Work, But He Finds The Guy’s Behavior Flirty, So He Wants His Girlfriend To Distance Herself

Photo 124472539 © Ales Utouka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s girlfriend works for a company with a small team of employees. There are seven women and three men on the team in total.

His girlfriend is good friends with everyone, and she follows all of her co-workers on social media.

Not long ago, she earned a promotion, and as part of her training, she had to shadow a male colleague.

“She mentioned that they get on really well, but more recently, she said people at work have been making comments that they’re like a couple,” he said.

Plus, she told him that her co-worker constantly vents to her about his partner, and he also has been texting her a lot outside of work hours.

Last week, his girlfriend’s company organized a night out, and the employees’ significant others were invited to join.

Sadly, he was unavailable, so he couldn’t go with his girlfriend, and she told him that her co-worker informed her that he hadn’t even told his girlfriend about the get-together because he knew she wouldn’t want to go.

“I told my girlfriend it seems weird how close he’s getting to her, and the fact that he’s deliberately excluding his partner from social events is a bit strange,” he explained.

Plus, he was uncomfortable with the idea of her other co-workers telling her that she and the co-worker she was shadowing seemed like a couple.

Photo 124472539 © Ales Utouka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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