His Girlfriend Of Eight Years Suddenly Became Very Distant After A Wonderful Trip To Europe, So Now He Wants To Ghost Her Even Though He Owes Her About $5,000 For The Vacation

halayalex - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Two months ago, this man and his girlfriend, who he has been dating for the last eight years, went on a two-week vacation to Europe.

The trip was fantastic, and they had a blast. However, since they got back home, his girlfriend has been keeping her distance.

After returning home, there was an upcoming wedding she was planning to go to, and she had a plus-one.

He only found out about the wedding several days in advance, and it seemed strange that she waited so long to invite him or even tell him about the wedding in the first place.

While he was away on a business trip, his girlfriend never answered the phone whenever he tried calling her, and she didn’t respond to his text messages until he was back home.

“When she finally picked up, I asked her what happened (in a very nonchalant and non-accusatory way), and she didn’t give any sort of solid answer,” he said.

“When I pressed her about it (she always gets upset at me if I don’t call her back, even if it’s just, like, an hour later), she just screamed at me, ‘I didn’t feel like talking to you! How about I never talk to you again?’ and hung up.”

He tried calling her back, but she didn’t answer, and she didn’t reply to the text message he sent her a couple of days later.

Something changed for him during this time, and he felt horrible.

halayalex – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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