His Girlfriend Told Him And His Sister That They Needed To Move Out After She Allowed His Sister’s Family To Move In And Pay Reduced Rent, Yet His Sister Adopted A Dog Behind His Girlfriend’s Back And Hid It From Her

marvent - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s girlfriend currently owns a duplex, and when she first bought the home, it had an unfinished basement. So, his girlfriend had been living in the upstairs portion and planned to renovate the basement to turn it into a rental suite.

He also moved in about five months ago and started paying his girlfriend rent. However, he’s been paying a below-market rate since he isn’t able to afford his own apartment.

After moving in, though, he realized that his sister and her family were also facing the same problem with high rent costs. That’s why he decided to convince his girlfriend to allow his sister’s family to move in for a little while and rent out the basement– again, for a below-market rate.

“My girlfriend wasn’t happy initially,” he recalled, “But my brother-in-law shovels the snow, and in the summer, he mows the lawn. So, she’s okay with it and even offered to let them stay longer than the three months they originally agreed to.”

Well, his sister’s family interpreted his girlfriend’s offer to mean that they could live in her basement permanently. So, just a few days ago, they adopted a shelter dog without even asking his girlfriend first.

Apparently, his sister and her family claimed that his girlfriend had said “yes” to them getting a puppy verbally. However, his girlfriend swore that his sister never once asked her about adopting a dog.

While he claims that the dog is well-behaved and hasn’t caused any damage to the house, his girlfriend is now demanding that his sister’s family either return the pup or move out of her house in two months.

He’s really angry about this, too, particularly because his girlfriend gave his sister’s family the ultimatum on Christmas.

“But she claimed that’s when she found out since they have been hiding the dog from her, and she didn’t want to waste any time in telling them it was not okay,” he said.

marvent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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