His Girlfriend’s Best Friend Moved In With Them About A Month Ago, And Now He Actually Wants To Dump His Girlfriend And Start A Relationship With Her Friend - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A bit over a month ago, this 29-year-old man and his girlfriend, Kristen, 28, were living together, and Kristen asked her best friend, Olivia, 29, to move in with them for the time being.

Unfortunately, Olivia had just lost her job, and she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of moving in with her parents, so Kristen thought that offering for her to live with them would be a good alternative.

At first, he was annoyed with this idea because Kristen invited Olivia to stay with them without asking him first if it was okay with him.

At the time, he was the one paying the vast majority of their monthly bills. He was concerned that Olivia moving in would dramatically raise their expenses.

He’s been paying about 90% of their bills, including rent, utilities, and for their groceries. It’s been this way ever since Kristen moved in with him in June.

Kristen has high student loan payments to worry about, but he does, too. Since he’s been paying nearly all of their bills each month, it’s been tough to pay them off when most of his money is going toward other expenses.

“She gave me the whole sob story of how Olivia is her best friend and how she’d be helpful to us. This wore me down, and soon enough, Olivia was here living with us,” he said.

As predicted, he was the one responsible for paying the extra costs associated with another person living with them, and Kristen didn’t chip in at all, even though she didn’t consult him before telling Olivia that she could move in with them.

Two weeks ago, Olivia got a part-time job, and Kristen told him that Kristen was welcome to keep living with them for as long as she would like to. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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