His Girlfriend’s Refusing To Speak To Him Ever Since He Told His Family That She’d Quit Her Job As An Anesthesiologist To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom After They Got Married - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old guy is a podiatrist, and he has a girlfriend who is 32 and works as an anesthesiologist. But he happens to come from a very traditional family.

“And it is already an uphill battle to get them to accept my girlfriend,” he revealed.

Anyway, just last week, he and his girlfriend also attended his parents’ anniversary party together. And while they were there, everyone in his entire family kept assuming that after they tied the knot, his girlfriend would just stop working.

Now, that’s not what his girlfriend wants, and she apparently wanted to correct his family.

However, he stopped her from doing that and actually just agreed with everyone– saying they were right and that his girlfriend would be a “homemaker and stay-at-home mother” after they got married.

His girlfriend became really angry that he cut her off, too.

“But I told her that I don’t actually expect her to stop working,” he reasoned.

Regardless, his girlfriend didn’t believe him and is upset that he “undermined” her in front of both sides of his family, including his parents.

He tried to explain how his family was just traditional. Plus, they always assumed that he would have a stay-at-home wife since he earns more than enough working as a podiatrist. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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