His Wife’s Mortified That He Agreed With A Neighbor About Her Being Nosey

He wasn’t too shocked when his wife started behaving this way.

“She wasn’t really like this when we were living together in the city, but the signs were there. Also, my wife and I both grew up in small towns. Whenever we’d visit her family, she would talk for hours with them about the latest updates on seemingly everyone who lived there. It doesn’t really bother me, but I get some secondhand embarrassment. I tease her about her nosiness a lot, and she’ll joke around with me, too,” he explained.

He would have more of an issue with his wife’s behavior if she was critical or judging their neighbors, but she only snoops because she’s curious about them.

While he acknowledged that she seems to be invading their neighbors’ boundaries, he doesn’t think it’s a huge problem or anything.

Several months ago, their next-door neighbors were hosting a party during the day.

As the party was going on, his wife spent the day in the backyard pretending to garden so that she could snoop.

She also went on two walks with their dog so that she could walk past their neighbors’ house, despite the fact that they usually walk in the opposite direction when they go on walks.

Each time his wife came back into the house, she’d update him on what the neighbors were doing completely unprompted. Through her creeping, she deduced that the party was possibly to celebrate a niece’s or nephew’s birthday.

Later that same day, he walked out to the car because he had some errands to run.

He and his wife share a fence with their neighbors, and his neighbor was cleaning the yard on his side of the fence.

Before he got in the car to leave, he and his neighbor were chatting a bit. His neighbor asked how his and his wife’s day was going, and he asked his neighbor how the party was going.

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