How To Grow And Care For Gladiolus, A Striking Flower That’s Sure To Add Some Drama To Any Garden

maryviolet - - illustrative purposes only

The Gladiolus is a flower that’s just as fun to grow as it is to say.

Known for their tall, striking blooms and a rainbow of colors, Gladiolus– or “Glads” as they’re affectionately called– are a must-have for any garden enthusiast looking to add a splash of drama to their yard.

The First Step To Success: Choosing The Right Bulbs

But before you even get your hands dirty, the key to glorious Glads starts with choosing the right bulbs.

You should look for plump, firm bulbs that do not have any signs of damage or disease.

Size also matters here since larger bulbs will mean more blooms. So, you can think of it as investing in your garden’s future.

Planting: Timing And Technique

Now, timing is everything when it comes to planting Gladiolus. You should aim for late spring when the danger of frost is a mere memory.

Then, plant your bulbs in a sunny spot because, much like us, Glads love to bask in the sunshine.

maryviolet – – illustrative purposes only

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