If You’re Hoping To Add Some Festive Flora To Your Home This Holiday Season, Try Planting The Stunning Amaryllis

Photo 215281620 | Amaryllis © Chernetskaya - - illustrative purposes only

With the holiday season now officially underway, there’s no better way to add a splash of natural beauty and color to your home than with the stunning Amaryllis.

This striking flower, known for its vibrant blooms and easy care, is a favorite among both seasoned gardeners and beginners.

It’s the perfect pick to brighten up the shorter days and longer nights of winter, so here’s how to grow and care for it in your very own space.

First, Choose Your Amaryllis Bulb

The journey to a blooming Amaryllis always starts with choosing the right bulb.

You should look for firm, sizable bulbs with no signs of damage or rot. And remember, the larger the bulb, the more stems and flowers it’s likely to produce.

Local garden centers also usually stock up on these bulbs around the holiday season. So, be sure to keep an eye out!

Planting Your Bulb

Once you’ve picked up your bulb, it’s planting time. Begin by choosing a pot that’s slightly larger than the bulb itself to ensure it has good drainage.

Photo 215281620 | Amaryllis © Chernetskaya – – illustrative purposes only

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