If You’re Hoping To Add Some Festive Flora To Your Home This Holiday Season, Try Planting The Stunning Amaryllis

Next, fill the pot with well-draining soil and plant the bulb with about one-third of it above the soil surface. This exposed part is key to a healthy growth process!

The Perfect Spot For Growth

While Amaryllis does thrive in a well-lit spot, it actually doesn’t need direct sunlight. That’s why a cozy corner near a window where it can bask in indirect light is ideal.

Just remember that these beauties are like many of us: they enjoy warmth and can’t handle the cold. So, be sure to keep them far away from any drafts and chilly windows as winter sets in.

Watering Wisely

When it comes to watering, you should always think in moderation.

Yes, the soil should be kept moist, but not to the point of becoming waterlogged. Overwatering is actually a common misstep in Amaryllis care, so make sure that you allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.

This balancing act of moisture will help prevent rot and encourage healthy growth.

Waiting For The Bloom

Once you plant your Amaryllis bulb, you’ll probably be on the edge of your seat waiting for the first bloom. But you have to remember that patience is key!

It typically takes about six to eight weeks for the Amaryllis to bloom after planting.

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