In 1984, This Little Girl From Alabama Ran Inside A Gas Station To Grab A Soda, Mysteriously Disappeared, And Her Case Has Remained Unsolved For Nearly 40 Years

Sherry’s relatives, especially her mother, allegedly stressed to the police that Sherry had no interest in running away and that she had exciting things coming up for her at the farm, which led many to believe that a stranger may have abducted her. 

However, due to Greenville being such a small town where just about everyone knows each other, it would have been difficult for a stranger to abduct Sherry mid-day in front of witnesses and community members.

As time passed, several people contacted police with alleged sightings of Sherry. The young woman people believed to be her was always accompanied by a man with a tall build who appeared to be in his 50s she called ‘BJ.’ One witness claimed to have seen her with this man at a truck stop in Georgia, and another allegedly saw them in a mall in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Witnesses who called in these sightings claimed Sherry appeared upset and disheveled. Unfortunately, the police haven’t been able to confirm these sightings. 

It’s been 39 years since Sherry was last seen, and her case remains unsolved. 

Greenville community members continue to look for any information that could lead to answers in Sherry’s case, and some have created a Facebook page, Sherry Lynn Marler Still Missing, to share her story.

At the time of Sherry’s disappearance, she was five foot four, weighed approximately 120 pounds, and had brown hair and brown eyes. She would have been 52 years old today.

If you have any information regarding her case, you are urged to contact the Greenville Police Department at (334) 382-7461.

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