In 2016, A California Mother Strangely Disappeared Not Long After Moving Into A New Home With Her Boyfriend, And Her Daughter Is Continuing The Hunt For Answers

GoFundMe - pictured above is Stacey

A lot of the time, you hear stories of parents who tragically have to contact the police to report their children missing. But in some cases, it’s the other way around.

In 2016, Nicole Santos-Hamann had to report her mother, Stacey Smart, missing after not hearing from her not long after she had moved into a new home with her boyfriend. Tragically, she hasn’t seen or heard from her since.

The year she went missing, Stacey Smart was a 52-year-old mother who had just moved from Weaverville, California, into a new home in the nearby town of Lewiston. She had moved to live with her boyfriend, Tony Brand.

According to Stacey’s family, things had been seemingly going well for the couple at the time. However, in mid-October of that year, her children stopped hearing from her.

Stacey’s family, especially her eldest daughter, Nicole, had struggled to get a hold of her for weeks. At one point, Stacey’s family drove to her new home to try to see her in person, but she wasn’t there. They left a note on her door, asking her to contact them, but she didn’t.

No one from Stacey’s family could allegedly get ahold of her boyfriend, Tony, either.

Nicole decided to call the police and report Stacey as missing on November 2nd, 2016.

When police began searching for Stacey, they struggled with a lack of evidence as to what could’ve happened to her. Tony reportedly told police he thought Stacey had left him, so he wasn’t very worried about what happened to her.

Tony’s story about what happened between him and Stacey before she disappeared changed several times as time passed. Eventually, he claimed that Stacey had left him before she was reported missing because she found out he was unfaithful.

GoFundMe – pictured above is Stacey

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