In September, She Set Out On A Road Trip From San Diego To Connecticut To Attend Her Friend’s Wedding, But She Vanished Along The Way

Facebook - pictured above is Chelsea

In September 2023, a woman was set to travel on an exciting road trip all the way from San Diego to Connecticut with her trusty camera and pet bearded dragon in tow. Tragically, she never made it to the wedding and mysteriously vanished along the way.

The woman was Chelsea Grimm, a 32-year-old photographer who was living in California at the time of her disappearance. She grew up in Connecticut and studied Psychology in New York City as a college student.

Chelsea decided to become a social worker and earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University.

She worked for the NYC Department of Education before deciding to move to San Diego, California, in 2020. Aside from her social work, Chelsea was a talented photographer and looked forward to working on her art during her time in California.

In September of 2023, Chelsea was invited to a friend’s wedding in Connecticut, and she planned on using the trip as an excuse to visit her parents as well.

However, when she found out she couldn’t bring Roxy, her beloved pet bearded dragon, on an airplane, she decided to drive from San Diego to Connecticut and camp along the way.

On September 24th, 2023, Chelsea left California in her white Ford Focus SUV with her camera equipment, camping gear, and Roxy.

However, around three days into her trip, Chelsea called her parents and told them she didn’t think she could handle the trip alone, so she’d skip the wedding and spend a few days camping and traveling in Arizona before heading back to California.

Chelsea was allegedly supposed to meet with a friend in Phoenix, Arizona, but traveled to Williams, Arizona, instead.

Facebook – pictured above is Chelsea

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