Over The Course Of Three Summers, She Planted 372,290 Trees In An Effort To Repopulate Canada’s Forests

Gordon Pusnik - - illustrative purposes only

With deforestation, wildfires, and other kinds of manmade or natural influences, the planet’s naturally growing trees have taken quite a hit.

Thankfully, there are conservationists, experts, and caring citizens who are striving to introduce more trees and plants to their areas every year. But have you heard of one person planting over 300,000 trees on their own?

That’s something Canadian content creator and tree planter Leslie Dart has done during her summer breaks.

Leslie (@lesliedart) is an Ontario-based college student who spent three summers planting hundreds of thousands of trees in an effort to repopulate Canada’s forests. She’s been documenting her journey as a tree planter on TikTok, and her videos have earned millions of views.

As most of us know, Canadian forests have been needing extra love and care, especially after this year’s tragic wildfires.

Thankfully, there are many Canadian residents who spend their time volunteering to plant trees in areas that need them most.

However, not all of them can plant as much in as little time as Leslie. Leslie first went viral in July of 2022 when she posted that she planted 4,545 trees in just one day.

In the video, Leslie can be seen confidently walking through fairly empty land with all her gear on, quickly using a shovel to plant some future trees into the ground.

Leslie has participated in tree-planting marathons in Canada, where she planted thousands of trees from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Gordon Pusnik – – illustrative purposes only

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