She Accused Her Younger Sister Of Being “Pathetic” And Having No Social Life During An Argument

In her view, Rose’s interest in thrifting is incredibly dull, but she does her best to support Rose’s interests by accompanying her to thrift stores. Rose also finds a lot of clothes while out thrifting that she often wears out and about.

“Her whole apartment is something that looks like a grandmother’s house on Pinterest. Wallpaper, old advertisements hanging from the wall, flowers and patterns everywhere,” she explained.

“She asked me if I liked how it turned out, and I just smiled and said, ‘Yes.’ I am not looking down on her. She’s just very different than me, and it’s hard to have a friendship at times.”

Last week, Rose came over to visit her at her place because they hadn’t gotten together in nearly a month.

While hanging out, they were discussing what they wanted to do for the holiday season. They mentioned the possibility of seeing the Christmas tree in New York City on a Sunday, but Rose said she wasn’t up for that because she didn’t want to be out late when she’d have to work the following day.

“It’s something our cousin and I have wanted to do for a while, so I snapped at her, and I told her, ‘Rose, you barely have any friends,” she shared.

“You work, come home, and the only activity you do is go to the bar and collect things older than our grandma. It’s pathetic. I’m done trying to get you to come out. She told me I was ‘sad.'”

After that, Rose walked out and put her phone on Do Not Disturb. Since she told Rose that she was “pathetic,” Rose hasn’t spoken to her.

She is aware that her comments were impolite, but after asking some close friends for input, they told her that even though what she said was cruel, they felt the same way she did and believed that Rose should be more social and less of a homebody.

Do you think she was wrong for calling Rose “pathetic”?

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