She Admits She Has Daddy Issues, And She’s Wondering If It’s A Red Flag, Since All The Guys She’s Dated Run When They Find Out

“I usually don’t talk about it until a few months into knowing the guy,” she said. “And I’m not going to do a whole spiel here but the bottom line is I’ll say that growing up, I was hit, yelled at, belittled, etc.”

“I don’t describe it graphically and essentially just say I was abused. Then segue into saying now I struggle with depression because of it – but in terms of getting better, I plan on therapy when I’m able to get it (it’s a whole to-do with my current living situation), I have a proper support system, and I’ve reflected enough on my view of men that I don’t really have any negative associations. I like men.”

So although she has the right approach, it somehow always turns into the wrong result. She’s wondering if she just has had a string of bad luck with guys that can’t be bothered, or if daddy issues are a major turn-off across the board for guys.

What advice do you have for her?

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