She Agreed To Cover Her Sister’s Rent And Childcare Expenses As Long As Her Sister Went Back To School, But After Finding Out That Her Sister Lied About Finishing Her Education, She Cut Off Her Sister And Niece Financially

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About three years ago, this woman’s sister got pregnant, and her sister’s boyfriend– who she believed was a “deadbeat”– did not remain in the picture.

So, for the past two years, she has tried to help her sister out by covering her sister’s rent and childcare expenses.

Their original agreement was that her sister would continue taking classes to complete her nursing degree.

“Since my sister had to put it on the back burner when she got pregnant,” she recalled.

Her sister also continued working in a nursing home; meanwhile, she has paid over $42,000 for her sister’s rent and about $19,000 in childcare expenses for her baby niece.

But, while she might have been happy to help her sister out at the time, she recently took all of her support away after finding out that her sister had been lying to her face.

Apparently, her sister never actually went back to school despite promising to. So, she realized that she was the only one holding up her side of the agreement and immediately cut her sister off.

Now, ever since she did that, her mom has been absolutely furious. In fact, her mom claimed that she’s risking having her niece– who is only 2 years old– live out on the street.

Regardless, she tried to tell her mom that her sister and niece were not her problem anymore.

DragonImages – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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