She And Her Husband Wouldn’t Let Her Sister-In-Law Bring Her New Boyfriend To Their Wedding Dinner, And Now Her Sister-In-Law Hasn’t Spoken To Her Husband In Four Months

Later, one of his sisters, 41, said that she would be bringing her new boyfriend, who she’d only been dating for several weeks or a couple of months, to the dinner.

While her husband was fine with this, he thought it was strange that she didn’t have the courtesy to at least ask if this would be okay with them, especially considering that she and her husband were paying for the dinner and had never met her new boyfriend.

Her husband suggested confronting his sister during the dinner at the restaurant, which she thought was a bad idea.

“I did mind; this was our dinner to celebrate with his direct family, for them. Not for her to introduce her new boyfriend officially into the fold,” she said.

In her view, it would be a different story if they had already met her sister-in-law’s boyfriend.

Once this new relationship began, her husband’s sister hasn’t been keeping in touch with the family as often as she used to.

She didn’t think that was a problem because she understood that a new relationship is thrilling, and you can become obsessed with your new partner and sometimes neglect your friendships and family members for a little while.

Plus, she doesn’t feel comfortable meeting new people, and she also gets anxious when she goes out to restaurants.

So, she felt like it would be better for her husband to reject the idea of his sister bringing her boyfriend to the wedding dinner.

Her husband wasn’t getting through to his sister, and their conversation went in circles. Since the conversation was going nowhere, she decided to reach out to her sister-in-law.

“I asked her to accept and respect our wishes to keep it small and that we’d love to meet her new boyfriend soon some other time,” she explained.

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