She Asked A Family To Leave Her Party Just Five Minutes After Arriving Because Her Friend’s Daughter Was Clearly Sick With A Nasty Cough, But Now She Feels Guilty About It

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This woman and her husband recently decided to throw a party at their house and invited about 15 guests, including kids. They served dinner and drinks, engaged in mingling, and there was even a gift exchange.

But, as soon as one of her friends and their husband arrived, it was obvious that their 2-year-old daughter was suffering from a nasty cough.

“Not a ‘dry throat’ or ‘chronic’ sort of cough, but a sick, loud, hacking cough,” she recalled.

Now, the last time that same little girl went over to her house about six months ago, it was clear that the girl was sick then, too. Apparently, her friend’s daughter had a runny nose and a very bad cough.

At the time, she and her husband didn’t mention it or make a huge deal. However, just three days later, her son– who is also 2-years-old– wound up getting sick and being hospitalized twice for RSV.

That was obviously a really rough time for her family, too, which is why they didn’t want to take any chances at their most recent party.

So, after watching the little girl for a couple of minutes, she and her husband decided to ask if the girl was sick. The girl’s mom didn’t reply, but the girl’s mother chimed in.

“Yes, we thought about canceling. I did keep her home from school today, but her spirits are good, and it’s been going on for so long. It’s nothing new,” her friend responded.

Afterward, she just started taking her friend and their husband’s coats before grabbing them some wine. She also brought the little girl over to a different play area– separate from the rest of the children– so the girl could color without sharing toys with the rest of the group.

DragonImages – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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