She Blamed Her Sister After Her Underage Niece Drank Multiple Mimosas And Projectile Vomited In The Middle Of Her Bridal Shower

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Last summer, this 27-year-old woman had her bridal shower. Unfortunately, her family members aren’t usually very supportive, so throughout all the wedding planning, they haven’t helped her out too much, even though her two sisters, as well as her niece, were going to stand up at her wedding.

Her in-laws offered to plan her bridal shower, and she was thrilled. Since there was obviously a ton of hard work, hours, and money spent on putting this shower together, she was incredibly grateful.

Since her in-laws have friends who own a golf course, this was the venue they chose for the party. On the day of her bridal shower, her 35-year-old sister, Jen, and Jen’s daughter, Anne, 14, came over before the shower started.

Jen and Anne assisted with setting up for the party, but Jen chose to grab a drink and chat more than actually help.

This meant that she and her in-laws were the ones doing most of the work. When some of the party guests started showing up, she went to see what Jen was up to.

“She laughs, saying how ‘she only had a few sips of her drink.’ It was half-gone. She makes it obvious to everyone how Anne must have been drinking her beverage when she wasn’t looking, but she laughs it off,” she said.

Later, both her mother and one of her bridesmaids said that they witnessed Anne chug quite a few mimosas that had been set out for guests, so it was obvious that Anne wasn’t only sneaking sips of Jen’s drink.

When she received this information, tons of people had already arrived, and the party officially began not long after. They started off playing some games and then went to eat.

“I heard a crashing sound behind me. My niece desperately tried to push chairs over in her attempt to make it to the bathroom but didn’t make it,” she explained.

5ph – – illustrative purposes only

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