She Bought Her Boyfriend A Thoughtful Christmas Present, But He Got Her Random Gifts She Didn’t Like

“I’m into more pinks and bright colors than the more toned-down colors that the palette had. This was also another thing I didn’t specifically mention I wanted. I didn’t say anything about not liking it and just thanked him. It feels like he assumed I would enjoy this stuff when I don’t.”

To make matters worse, she got her boyfriend a very thoughtful, pricey gift, which was a $100 gift certificate for his favorite tattoo artist since he had mentioned wanting to get a new tattoo.

Later in the evening, she texted her friend about the gifts without realizing her boyfriend could see what she was typing.

He then confronted her about not liking the gifts he gave her and told her he was upset that she’d tell her friend how she really felt before telling him.

She had already felt bad enough for telling him she didn’t like the cardboard cutout and didn’t want to make him feel worse by rejecting the palette. Now, her boyfriend is giving her the silent treatment.

“I know I should be grateful, but I went to [great] lengths for his gift, and it feels like he didn’t listen to anything I’ve been saying I’ve wanted in the three months [that] I’ve been talking about random stuff I would like.”

What would you do if you were in her position?

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