She Broke Up Her Dad’s Relationship With His Girlfriend After Finding Out Her Dad Had Been Messaging Her Friend And Trying To Cheat

However, that quickly changed when she received some unsettling screenshots from her friend, G.

“They were chats between her and my dad. My world collapsed when I saw the text, ‘I broke up with Adel, so we can be together.’ I knew for a fact that they were together because I had a good relationship with my stepbrother. After all these years, my dad still wanted to cheat on the woman he ‘loves,'” she shared.

At the time that she learned about what her father was doing, it was Mother’s Day, so she didn’t want to ruin Adel’s day by breaking this terrible news to her.

Instead, she spent time reaching out to other friends and getting all of the screenshots together as evidence to present to Adel the following day.

So, the day after Mother’s Day, she called Adel, told her everything she knew about what her father was up to, and sent her all of the screenshots as proof.

Adel told her that she still considers her a daughter and that they could still stay in touch, but she no longer wanted to date her father after learning that he was trying to cheat on her.

Once she got off the phone with Adel, she called her father to let him know that she warned Adel about his behavior, and she yelled and cursed at him during the call.

After their conversation, her father sent her a text, blaming her for Adel breaking up with him. In response, she just sent him the screenshot of the message he sent to G, letting him know that he was clearly the one to blame.

Do you think she did the right thing?

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